Our Journey to the Wii, by Sajjan

Me and Sumi were sitting on the stairs one day and he was asking me, ‘Dada, I wish I could have a Wii. Maybe somehow we could get it.” So we went downstairs and we asked Baba if we could have a Wii. Baba said, “Maybe if you complete a goal.” Then Sumi said, “Like what?” And Baba replied, “I don’t know yet, but I’ll think about it.” A few days later, Baba said, “If the three of you combined earned 500 art points, 1000 brain points and 1000 athletic points, Aai and I will buy you a Wii.” Part of me was thinking I could do this. Part of me was thinking those are quite big numbers. But, wow, for all these years Baba has said, “No no no!”, and now he has given a way for us to get it. From then on, me, Tai and Sumi were really excited. This all started in August, 2014.

To earn an athletic point, you must walk or jog 1 kilometer. For example, when our whole family hiked 10 kilometers, me, Tai and Sumi got 10 points each, so 30 points was reduced from the 1000. It all averaged out very well – we each did about 335 kilometers. Because we didn’t have a car, lots of our errands would be done on foot. These points were quite easy because if we had just gone on a walk to run errands, then immediately we’d get the points. It’s kind of like two in one! We also hiked a lot to prepare for our first trek that we were going on with a few school friends. It took us eleven months to finish walking 1000 kilometers.


The maximum amount of kilometers we walked in one day was 12, earning us 36 points!

There are many ways to earn an intellectual point. Here are some of the ways:

  • doing my homework well, depending on how hard it was (1-2 points)
  • completing chess workbook problems (1-4 points)
  • playing chess games on http://www.chesskid.com (1 point)
  • playing chess games in real life with notation and analysis after the game (1-3 points)
  • completing Sudoku or logic puzzles correctly and quickly (1-2 points)
  • writing in the family blog (5-10 points)
  • reading school books (2-8 points)
  • playing word games such as Scrabble, Boggle and Bananagrams (1-4 points)

Collectively, we needed to earn 1000 intellectual points in order to complete this element of the challenge. These were quite hard but I still kept going.


Most of the time, I wanted to do chess because that earned me quite a lot more points.

To earn an artistic point, I drew pictures or played tabla. I drew things like scenes, symmetrical castles, and flags of countries. For each drawing, depending on how good it was, I would earn 1-7 points. Playing tabla for 15 minutes gets me 1 point and if I did an hour of practice in a row, I would get a bonus point earning 5 points. The amount of art points we were aiming for was 500. This element of the challenge was the hardest because I had only a few ways of earning points and they weren’t as enjoyable.


Playing with Tai can be pretty fun, but I usually speed up or go to slow.

We tracked our points using Microsoft Excel. There were three pages, one for each element of the challenge. Baba taught us how to use Excel so we could track our own points. There were eight columns in each page named: Date, Description, Janani, Sajjan, Sumanth, Total, Cumulative and Points to Go.


I always remembered to track my points. I also sometimes remembered to track Tai and Sumi’s points too.

About a year into our challenge, Tai and Sumi started wanting different things instead of a Wii. Tai was interested in getting a new sitar because she hadn’t gotten one yet and she was learning to play it. Sumi wanted a Lego set, a really huge one, because he wanted even more Legos. So Tai and Sumi weren’t contributing to the challenge for the Wii anymore. I was left to do this challenge all by myself. I started to get discouraged when Tai and Sumi gave up. I was quite motivated before, but for those two or three months after they gave up, I wasn’t earning as many points. Then I got back into it after a few months. Since I was already at about 300 intellectual points, Baba reduced the goal to 400. And I was at about 80 artistic points and Baba reduced the goal to 200 points.

Amazon doesn’t work in Nepal and we cannot buy a Wii in Kathmandu, so we had to do something else. When I had almost finished the goal, Baba was going to China for a work trip. He said, “How about I get the Wii there? We can get it a little bit in advance but you won’t be able to play it yet.” When he went to China, he couldn’t find it there. There were only Xboxes and PlayStations. China is like one of the highest selling countries. We probably got this laptop, my backpack, my shirt and almost everythingl from China. So, I was really shocked.

On March 29th 2016, I had just played tabla for 15 minutes and when I was tracking on the score sheet, I summed up my whole column and then I saw the number 200! I was very proud. We ordered the Wii on http://www.amazon.de because Baba was going to Germany for another work trip. From when we had ordered the Wii, I was counting down the days until April 25, 2016, the day Baba came home with the Wii! The challenge was really hard but now I’m really glad I went through all that delayed gratification.


I’ve been waiting about one and a half years for this moment. And I can’t believe that I’m actually holding it and it is actually in our house, finally!



17 thoughts on “Our Journey to the Wii, by Sajjan

  1. Wow!! I am very impressed by your effort and dedication in working so hard over such a long time to get something you really wanted. I am going to get my children to read this in the hope that it will rub off!

  2. Just Amazing… no words… just felt i went through the whole challenge… you are very lucky guys that at such young age you are aiming at the best… and earning the best. So So proud of you guys… very very inspiring… great going…. Lots of Love and Blessings….

  3. Sajji, congrats. I like the way you think. There is always a way to get what you want, if u try hard enough and do not give up!
    A job
    Nita, Prakash,
    You may have enough material to write children book and publish it!

  4. I am short of words to express how awesome this post sounds ! Great going Sajjan, Janani and Sumi – keep inspiring all of us!

  5. Heartiest Congratulations to all of you! You have really earned it! Your parents are really very inspirational in how practically they are moulding you all into a very well-rounded personality in the true sense by guiding you in many life lessons and building your emotional and social awareness as well in addition to academics! Nita – It is so wonderful to read your family blog and all the writings. Never read a more interesting travelogue before. Keep it up! Hari Om!
    – Uma Venkatraman

  6. Sajjan – Nice work on getting the Wii. I challenge you to ping pong, bowling, and tennis next time we meet!
    Hari Om – Bhavya Kaka

  7. Sajjan, this is a really excellent blog post. I feel sure your story will inspire other people; young people who hope to earn something very special, and older people (parents) who hope to teach their children good values. If you have started a new campaign, and this writing will count for points toward a new goal, I’m sure it will be awarded at **least** 10 points! Well done!!!

    PS: I have some suggestions for additional ways you might enjoy earning “art” points. What about photographing some of your activities? Or perhaps if you keep a daily journal about your life, you could illustrate it with a different photograph or drawing each day. The finished product would be something for you to keep forever to show to your own children someday. I think you are also old enough that you might even suggest a new category: what about “Cooking Points”? I’m sure your family would enjoy trying new recipes you could have fun preparing for them. If I think of any other ideas, I’ll let you know 🙂

  8. I so enjoyed reading this, Sajjan! What a creative and clever way to earn something that you truly wanted. You never gave up and that shows your determination and I am so truly proud of ALL of you! Nita and Prakash, you are an inspiration to me; you always have been and you always will be. Love you all… xoxo

  9. Saaji, I was most impressed by your persistence in achieving your goal. Even adults at times can get swayed by those around them and loose focus on their goals. You are building a strong foundation for how your personality will unfold as you become older. Janani and Sumi …great efforts with working hard but also following what your heart really wanted. Nita and Prakash always an inspiration to us all. Take care.

  10. Great family of Aai, Baba, Dada, Tai and Sumi. Prakash and Nita are exceptional parents. It reminds me of Mr. Bhave and Charu (Sajjan’s grandparents). You all are creating a beautiful world for children.

  11. Well done Sajjan!! Proud of you! I especially liked the part where you decided to go for it again after a slow period. You didnt give up and refocused after a down period. I think that how it often goes in life: you can achieve anything you want in life as lon as you persevere. In the beginning it seems like such a huge mountain of work that is almost undoable, but when you start working the mountain will become smaller and smaller and then one day you are there! I wish you lots and lots of fun with the Wii and maybe a new goal will come up?

  12. Congratulations Sajjan! You kept working towards your goal for more than a year! And achieved it and really got what you wanted. We are all so proud of you! Nita and Prakash – you both are an inspiration to all of us – parents! I am definitely going to make my kids read this and try this with them. Thanks Sajjan for sharing this journey with all of us….


  13. Great achievement..not just getting Wii.. but also by putting up the story soooo nicely..
    Please let us know whats this Wii …
    to earn more art points–you could also listen to good classical music daily.

    Best wishes for your next target.

    Tabla KAKA

  14. Good work children and grand children ! Enjoy the Wii !! And keep up with the activities and more !!!.
    Good writeup, Sajjan.
    Bhave Aji.

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